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    Your Will allows you to decide what happens to your estate (money, property and possessions) after your death.

    By making a Will you can also mitigate your Inheritance Tax and reduce your Probate Fee.

    If you do not make a Will and die Intestate (without a Will) then the Law states who gets what and you will have no chose where and how your estate gets distributed.

    It is advisable to get Legal Advice when;

    • You share a property with someone who is not your spouse or civil partner
    • You want to leave money or property to a dependent who can not care for themselves
    • Who have family members who may make a claim on your will e.g. a second spouse or children from another marriage
    • Your permanent home is outside the UK or property overseas
    • You have a Business
    • You want to exclude certain family members

    Only when a Will fulfils its legal requirements can it be Valid, so please seek Legal Advice.

    We also provide Shariah Compliant Wills.